In accordance with the statutory rules, the issuance of labor books in the hands of workers is not allowed. The employee can obtain his labor book only in two cases: on the date of termination or when transferring to another job in another organization.
Responsible for the maintenance and safety work books fully vested in the employer: he is obliged to make records in accordance with applicable rules, create the appropriate storage conditions (in the safe), keep a record Book of work books and so on.
Article 62 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation establishes that the employer must give at the written request of the employee a certified copy (or extract) employment record not later than three days from the date of application.
In most cases third parties is enough of a photocopy, taken from the work book, but there are situations when they may require presentation of the original (often such a conflict arises when processing the documents in the Pension Fund). If the issue of the employee's labor book on receipt, liability will still lie with the employer.
In this case, it is recommended to send the original employment record book directly to the Pension Fund (and not pass it through). It is necessary to take officer of the Fund a receipt confirming the transfer of the employment record of the employee.
In certain situations, the third party can make a Xerox copy of labour book, issued by the employer and notarized. Employee personnel services may stipulate with the employee the conditions under which organization will pay for notary services for certification and the employee then reimburses the cost of these services. But even in this case to certify a copy of the work book (i.e. to be present in the notary's office) have not an employee but an employee of the personnel Department.