Advice 1: How to send workbook via email

The labor book is the main document confirming the seniority of the employee. In life there are different situations when it is impossible to present it to you personally. As in that case the employer?
How to send workbook via email
You will need
  • envelopes, letterhead f.119, the form of inventory, postage stamps, money to pay for services
According to the labour legislation of the Russian Federation work book issued to a dismissed worker on the day of termination of the employment contract. But sometimes there are situations when it is not possible for a number of reasons. For example, in case of disagreement of the employee with the dismissal or death of the employee. Failure to pick up, the dismissed employee, the labor of the owner, the employee of personnel service is an act of refusal that is signed by the witnesses. Preferably one instance to give a former employee a receipt.
On the letterhead of the organization must be a requirement to come for the workbook, or in writing to send the work book via the post office. Such a rule is established by the Labour code of the Russian Federation.
The demand should be send in post office by registered letter with notification. To do this you must specify on the envelope the exact address of the sender and the recipient of the letter and also fill out a notification of receipt (taken from the operator post branch). This is done in order to be sure of getting the addressee of the letter, and have documentary evidence of this. It is desirable to make an inventory of investments to the dismissed employee (in a conflict the dismissal) was not able in court to argue that he had not received letters demanding.
If the consent of the employee is obtained, then the address of the former employee human resource Manager can send the work book a valuable letter with attached inventory, drawn up in two copies, and return receipt requested. Forms for filing are issued for the mail. The inventory is certified by a post office employee. It is necessary to write what the document is placed, and specify its value. You can specify any time at the discretion of the sender, for example, 10 rubles.
Registered and insured letter shall be issued only by the postal operator, as they are assigned indefication room. They can not draw your own and put it in the mailbox.
You can't throw out unclaimed at the post office and returned to the sender of the workbook. It must be kept by the employer for two years, and then be transferred to the archive.
Useful advice
You must keep receipts and inventory received at the post office. They will serve as proof of sending emails in case of consideration of cases in court.

Advice 2 : How to send labour mail

In some cases, when the employee cannot appear for some reason, personally for the workbook or just doesn't want to go for it, the employer has the right to forward the document on proof of employment via email. This is an notification is sent to the registration address of a specialist. After receiving a response from the employee in writing the work book is sent by mail by registered mail.
How to send labour mail
You will need
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • - the form of notification;
  • envelope;
  • - documents the employee, including work-book;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - telegram from employee;
  • - letter from an employee.
Article 84 of the labour code stipulates the right of the employer by agreement with the owner of the work book to send the document on labour activity of the employee by mail. To do this, make a notification. Write the request to appear for the workbook personally in a company where the document is stored. Select the second option of getting the document registered letter by mail. Seal the notice in an envelope, write the last address of residence of the employee or the address listed in the personnel documents. Indicate on the letter that the postman should notify you of delivery of documents to the addressee.
Wait for a response from the employee. If he didn't, send another notice in the same way. Then hem the work book to a personal card of the employee. Labor legislation provides for the obligation of the employer to keep the documents on labor up to 50 years in the archives. For the workbook may be the closest relative to receive the document by proxy.
With the consent of the worker, you can start registration of valuable letters. But oral consent is not sufficient, it is necessary that the specialist has submitted a statement with a request about the shipment in this way the work book. A request for dismissal of the employee can be sent by telegram. The latter is a statement (if it is not), a Telegraph shall be certified by the signature of the employee, which is enough for registration of the termination of employment, forwarding the work book specified in the telegram address.
Come on mail, make a list of documents sent to the employee. Estimate the cost of sent the work book. Seal the envelope, write on it the address of a specialist indicated in a telegram reply. An insured letter is handed to the addressee, after which the company is notified by a notification, which in the future will be able to confirm the rights of the employer in case of labor dispute.
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