You will need
  • - manuals for training;
  • notebooks, pens for notes;
  • - collections with tests for the required items;
  • - passport;
  • - pen with black ink (gel);
  • teacher.
Determine the results of the exams on which subjects you need to provide the estimated income for the Universities. Considered compulsory Russian language and mathematics (to date – not everywhere). Also requires a certificate for one/two additional subjects. They vary depending on the selected for admission to the specialty. To choose them is a necessary task for the student who wants to successfully pass the exam, because it will prevent "sputtering" of time and focus on selected areas.
Write a detailed training plan. In addition to compulsory attendance of lessons, make time for self-training. Study subjects in non-stop mode should not be – you need to train long-term memory. Take breaks at least a day – so learning will be more successful. If you have to surrender four, not three items, separate them, for example, 2/2.
The main focus in self-study I tests. The writing exam is the method of "spear" will not work here. You need to get used to the test format of the decision task. Also, analyzing a trial setting, when reading literature on the subject it will be easier to highlight the things that can get into the tests.
Night's sleep before the exam. In any case, don't take drugs (especially dangerous Valerian tincture) to calm. Under stress the body is able to handle larger workloads than at rest. When taking sedative drugs, you block the body's resources, so that there may occur a retardation of thought processes and indifferent attitude. To successfully pass the exam in this state will be very difficult.
Very carefully read the assignment. Sometimes the question is simple, but difficult works. Also often a situation where a graduate does not notice the word "not" in the question and answers incorrectly. Focus, not be distracted by external stimuli. If you don't know/don't remember the answer to a question, skip it. After some time, return to an unfulfilled task.
In part C be concise, write in the case. It is designed for that you in a free form show your knowledge on the subject. Try not to go beyond the allowed limit of words – too long essays "on the topic..." is not checked, the task will be automatically counted as unfulfilled.
Do not plan to deceive the observers. First of all, it will adversely affect the quality of your work: you will be nervous, distracted, wanting to leak information. Also in 2012, the year in each item of the writing of the exam you plan to install devices to block radio signals. Therefore, neither in the classroom nor outside of them use the "aid another" would be impossible. The successful passing of the exam this year will depend on the quality of the previous him training.