Start with an extensive warm-up before the stretching exercises. Run a couple of kilometers through the woods or through the Park. If you have no such possibility, then just poprisedayte a few dozen times, jump rope and carefully warm up the hip joint (semi -splits). Do not neglect this item, as these simple steps will save you from damage.
Perform the leg swings in different directions, holding onto a chair or exercise machine. The legs should be straight. Make at least 35 swings on each leg. After that good stretch your limbs, putting one foot on the Swedish wall, trying to reach her hands. Perform the same exercise on the other leg, bent at least 30 times.
Make deep thrusts with the feet. This is a special exercise that you will be gradually prepared for the twine. So widely spread your legs, sitting on one, and the second hold directly. The back should be in a level position. Gradually straighten the first leg, performing springy movement up and down. Ensure that the leg is not bent at the knee. You should feel a slight stretching, but not pain.
Sit on the floor and knees spread to the sides. Push your hands on your knees springy motions, trying to get sex. Do this exercise at least 30 times. Then grasp the foot and drag him to the chin. Lock this position for a few seconds.
Practise the cross twine. Start to gently push the legs out to the sides, while keeping the balance, putting his hands on the floor. Dilute them to a level, until you begin to feel discomfort in the muscles. Perform 4 sets of 1 minute. Do this exercise on a daily basis, trying to sink as deeply as possible. And soon you will be closer to the splits.