Note that without training to quickly do the splits at home will not work. First you need a few days, preferably 1-2 weeks to strengthen the muscles of the body and legs. Start training with light Jogging in the morning or evening that will help get your legs stronger and prepare them for further loads. Instead of Jogging on the street you can practice Jogging in place at home or on the treadmill at the gym.
Start each morning with a small charge for all muscles. Be sure to include as many exercises for legs: squats, lunges and swings in different directions. As soon as you become easier to perform these exercises, you can move on to training to to the splits.
Learn first to sit in side splits (legs extended to the sides), which usually provides easier and faster longitudinal (one leg extended forward and the other backward). Sit on the left knee. Begin to pull to the side of the right leg, trying to straighten it, and sitting as deep as possible. Make no less than 20-30 per try, and then change legs. This exercise should be done 3 times a day.
Try to sit in side splits completely as soon as the rotation of the straightening of the legs will be easy to complete. Usually you start this phase you can have in 3-5 days. Spread them apart both legs and begin to squat as low as possible. You'll feel some pain. Do 20-30 squats 2-3 times a day. After a few days the muscles and ligaments will stretch and you will be able to do the splits.
Proceed to the exercises on the forward split. As in the case with cross for a start you need to stretch each leg. Sit on the left knee and begin to pull forward the right leg, trying to straighten it completely, then change position to the opposite. The number of sets and reps is the same as in the previous steps.
Take splits completely as soon as you feel ready. If you have been able to do the splits in a cross shape, then quickly reach a result. If after several days you experience severe pain in the ligaments, pause for 1-2 days to let the body rest, and then resume training.