Remember, while stretching the ligaments will hurt. Pain is a sign that everything is going right. But the pain should not be as strong or abrupt – control efforts. A sharp pain may be a sign of muscle injury or ligament. After such an injury will have a long time to recover, and achieve the goal postponed for a long time. Practice regularly, 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes. Do all exercises smoothly and slowly, without surge and sudden movements.
Before training carefully mash. For this is good Jogging. In the home run replace with jumping rope, squats, leg swings forward, backward and sideways. When performing swings your legs straight as possible to raise them not try. In addition, perform exercises to warm up the knee joints, turns and inclinations of the case in hand.
Basic training start with attacks. To do this, set one leg forward, bend the knee. The second right and pull back. Keep your backs straight. Do Bouncing squats up and down, then change the leg. To complicate the exercise as far as you can pull the front leg and as far as possible ostavlyaite back.
For the second exercise widely spread your legs apart. Start to hop on one leg, bending it at the knee. Leave the other leg straight. Keeping the body straight, slowly roll down with one foot to the other. The pelvis should move in a straight line, not arc.
The next exercise is the butterfly. To perform sit on the floor, the feet connect together, knees spread to the sides. Do springy movements with his knees up and down, trying to lower them as low as possible. To improve the efficiency of help the knees. After the end of exercise, without changing his position, grasp the foot with your hands and start bending forward.
Go to the exercises on the transverse twine. The splits as low as possible, with a maximum force of squeeze feet as if trying to get up. Do this exercise in woolen socks on the parquet and linoleum. Within 10 seconds hold the maximum muscle tension, then relax them for 5 seconds.
In the sitting position at maximum twine, start gently wiggle it so that the legs slowly parted wider and wider. Also, from this position do the slopes of the body forward and sideways. Then, sitting on the maximum twine, put themselves under the stack of books and sit back on them. Try to relax the muscles, and then slowly remove the book from under him.
Starting exercise, perform at least 15 repetitions for each exercise. Every 2 weeks increase it by 5 reps until you reach 45 times. Try with each subsequent repetition exercises to stretch slightly larger than the previous one. But with the appearance of a sharp pain and loosen stress.