You will need
  • A gym Mat.
To practice, pick up the child a comfortable stretchy clothes that will not constrain its movement. Shoes should not slip.
Always warm up the muscles of the child before you stretch for the splits. Warm-up ask him to jump, poprisedat or a quick walk for five to ten minutes.
Put the baby on the floor, ask him to stretch his legs and touch his toes. Keep stretching it will take about twenty to thirty seconds. When you run the job, the back should be straight.
Repeat the previous exercise, but with bent just a little at first right and then left foot. Do not hurry the child, let them feel every muscle.
For the next task the child needs to lie on the floor (preferably on a gym Mat) and lift your feet along the wall. Ask him to push and move the legs a few times. The slower running exercise, it is more effective.
For other exercises the child needs to stand up and throw your right foot on any steady object (the arm of the sofa, a low table) at an angle of ninety degrees. When it runs, it should slowly stretch the first finger of the right leg, then down to the fingers of the left. After five to seven repetitions you need to change leg and perform the exercise for the left foot.
The next job is performed standing: the child spreads her legs as wide as possible and very slow squats with a straight back ten or fifteen times. She bends alternately to the fingers then the right, then the left foot. If necessary, hold the child so he doesn't lose balance.