Carefully read the problem statement and write it down briefly. Write down the equation of the chemical reaction.
Then over drafted equation, write down known and unknown quantities, specifying the appropriate units of measure (only for pure substances, which has no impurities).In that case, when you come into the reaction those substances which contain impurities, first determine the content of pure substance.
Under the formulas of substances with unknown and known, record the corresponding values of these quantities that was found in equation of chemical reaction.
Now write and solve a proportion.
Write down the answer.It should be remembered that the chemical equation are different from mathematical equations, they cannot be interchanged left and right part. Substance left side of a chemical equation are called reactants and the right products of the reaction. If you produce a permutation of the left and right parts, we get the equation a completely different chemical reaction. Once you learn how to solve chemical equations, the solution process will be fun, like solving puzzles. And learn how to solve such equations is only one way – to systematically train in a chemical reaction.