Solution of tasks on chemistry is specific, and you need to find a starting point that will help to learn to understand this difficult matter.

What you need to know for solving problems in chemistry

To correctly solve chemistry problems, you first need to know what is the valence of the elements. Depends on the formulation of the substance, equation of a chemical reaction without taking into account the valence not be, and not to equalize. The periodic table is used in almost every job, you need to learn how to use it correctly to obtain the necessary information about the chemical elements, their mass, the electronic levels. Often tasks require us to calculate the mass or volume of the resulting product, this is the basis.
If the valence to determine incorrectly that all the calculations are incorrect.

And then the other, more complicated tasks will be solved easier. But first of all, formulas of substances, well written reaction equations, showing that in the end will succeed and in what form. It could be fluid, freely evolved gas, solid, drop down into the sediment or dissolved in water or any other liquid.

Where to start when solving problems in chemistry

To solve the problem briefly recorded her condition. After this is a balanced equation for the reaction. For example, consider a specific data need to determine the mass of the received substance, sulphide of aluminium, the reaction of aluminum metal with sulfuric acid, if taken aluminum is 2.7 grams. We should pay attention only to substances that are known, then those that want to find.

To start you need to solve with the translation of the mass in grams per mole. To make the reaction formula, substitute into it the values of mass and calculate the ratio. After solved a simple problem, you can try to learn on their own similar, but with other elements, that is, to get hand. The formulas are the same, only the elements change. All the solution of tasks on chemistry is reduced to writing the correct formula of the substance, to the proper preparation of the reaction equations.
All the problems are solved on the same principle, the main thing is to place coefficients in the equation.

For exercise, you can use the Internet, there's a huge number of different jobs, and then you can see the solution algorithm, which continue to apply independently. The advantage is that you can always see the correct answer, and if your result does not coincide, to understand, to find the error. More for learning to use reference books and collections of problems.