You will need
  • the vehicle passport, the passport of the seller, the buyer's passport, power of attorney, certificate of registration of the vehicle
Carry out the procedure of purchase and sale. The main document in this transaction is the contract. Better to assure him of a notary. Keep in mind that the contract is made in the prescribed form and must contain information about the buyer and the seller, and the subject of the transaction. Make sure that the re-registration occurred correctly, by the act of acceptance-transfer of the car. Please read the information about the vehicle. Pay attention to the nuances that may be at renewal of the car of foreign manufacture. Better if they already put on the account in traffic police.
Go through the process of obtaining a car in succession. Here the main document is the certificate of inheritance. Remember that you will need to present a copy of the death certificate of the owner of the vehicle. Then the car removed from the register on the basis of a certificate of inheritance put it on the record already in the name of the heir. If the car is reissued a third party, require a power of attorney, notarized and contains information about powers of attorney. This list must be right to deregistration and registration in the traffic police.
Will revise the car by proxy. You can give or receive power of attorney only for certain actions, such as removing cars from the account, selling, to represent the interests of the owner of the technical inspection. The seller continues to be the owner of the car, he bears full responsibility for what is happening with him. Also, the seller is not released from the obligation of payment of fines and damages that was caused to the vehicle. The buyer becomes the owner of the car. He can perform only those actions which are stated in the proxy, for example, to manage, to conduct inspection and to pay fines. The owner has the right to revoke this authorization at any time, then the buyer will lose the right to drive a car. If there is a death of the owner, a power of attorney will lose its power and right of ownership will belong to the heirs at law.