Prepare the documents required for removal of a vehicle from the register: a statement to mark the reconciliation of number of units, the identity of the owner document (passport), a mark about removal from the account in the military (for domestic SUVs, trucks, buses and heavy motorcycles), PTS with a copy of the certificate of registration of the vehicle, if necessary – a power of attorney with a notarised copy. Talon of the passage of the insurance policy is not necessary. By the way, if the deregistration is performed to change the owner, following the owner has the right to renew a current pass THAT on without passing the inspection.
Surrender the registration plates and registration certificate of the vehicle registration Department of traffic police. In case of loss of any document is necessary to write the explanation. In case of withdrawal of vehicle from the register with the aim of changing the place of incorporation of owner (within RF) license plates do not give up.
If you wish to retain license plates for installing them on the new machine will inform you when you retire. In this case, note that both cars (old and new) must belong to the same owner. If you change the owner of vehicle registration number change is necessary.
Use a single act of technical inspection of the vehicle, if the vehicle is far away from the reception and deliver it there is no possibility or desire. To this act can be in the actual location of the vehicle.
When removing the vehicle from the register, the traffic police check it on the bases of theft and embezzlement, databases of wanted persons and others. Possible causes of failure when removing from the register: the arrest of the car bailiffs, the signs of the fake rooms and Ob vans.
In the case of write-off (utilization) of the car for deregistration will require the same documents and also the application for cancellation. During the procedure, the PTS certificate of registration and license plates give up. In case of loss or destruction of any document requires writing explanations. Within 10 days after the delivery of documents and remove the machine from the register the relevant information comes to the tax office.