You will need
  • The civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Family Code of the Russian Federation
The correct solution would be a trip to the lawyer who will help you to draw up all necessary documents and will solve all issues. No harm will be familiar with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. All major purchases, and in particular the vehicle shall be designed in accordance with the law, so you must read it to avoid misunderstandings.
The family code (article 34) consider the machinethat is acquired during the marriage, like any other marital property. By law, the number of owners of any property indefinitely, so if you want to arrange a car for two, it is necessary to specify in the contract of "sale" in the title. In addition, to use the common property, each spouse might equally – it is sufficient to specify the date of marriage and date of registration of the vehicle in the certificate.
The lawyers assert that the law – title deed for the car is the contract, the title only confirms the right of possession. It is possible to specify all the owners of this property, but, nevertheless, indicates one owner. Registration in the traffic police is conducted to ensure that the vehicle could become a participant of traffic, nothing more.
If the machine is purchased by people who are not married, you must issue it as a joint property. Be careful when drawing up the contract – it must be indicated the share of each owners if this is not specified, then the law provides for the right of possession of the property equally. TS is an indivisible property, so each of the owners have the right to purchase or sell its parts. Thus, it is possible to compensate not only the money, but, for example, less expensive machine or equipment.