You will need
  • - the passport of technical means;
  • - passport of the former owner;
  • - passport of the new owner;
  • - the documents confirming the right of ownership of the car.
Go to the Department of traffic police, which registered a car, and write a statement withdrawing it from the register. Employee of the registration Department will issue a receipt for payment of state duty for the removal of the vehicle from the register. Pay the receipt in the nearest branch of the Bank.
Pass a vehicle inspection. The result of the passage serves as a corresponding note on the application for removal of vehicle from the account.
Contact window for registration of vehicles and grant documents: the passport; the passport of the previous owner; documents confirming the property right; a statement; a letter of attorney to owning a car; if necessary, the state rooms. Wait till the traffic police will make changes in the documentation and conduct the procedure for the removal of the vehicle from the register.
Please contact the registration Department of traffic police at the place of residence of the new owner. Write a statement about the production car on record, in one of the cases the transfer of rights. In the nearest branch of the Bank pay legal costs for the production of vehicle registration.
Go through the procedure of technical inspection of the car. Will receive the mark of his passage in the statement about the production of vehicle registration.
Provide in the registration documents, including: a vehicle; documents proving the transfer of ownership (deed of gift, bill of sale, notarized will); your passport; a statement with a note about passing inspection.
Get in the registration division of the Covenant of documents after processing, and new public rooms. The vehicle registration document must contain information on the new owner.
Make the insurance company the insurance policy on the car.