You will need
  • - natural products;
  • - sports nutrition.
Please consult with your doctor. Find out if you can make a large burden on the torso and internal organs. Remember that quick weight risk of injury or overload the digestive organs. Make sure in advance. In the first place should be health and then result in the sport. If there are no contraindications, proceed to the next step.

Make a new schedule and routine. Forget about the night festivities or sleep till noon. For the next six months to a year to subordinate his life to the quest to gain the weight. Develop a strict schedule of sleep, work and rest. Do not ignore it even for a minute. Sleep at least 8 hours, exercise and rest for about the same amount.

Discard the heavy load during the day. It is impossible to build muscle without steroids, if you're overloaded mentally or physically. Don't forget that you need to recover after a workout and day. Go to lighter work or simply treat educational issues. Without this you not be able to achieve results.
Visit the gym 3 times a week. The most optimal variant – to do with the weights three times a 7 days. Pump up only on the beam and uneven bars will not work. For this purpose appropriate only barbell and dumbbells! Considering only the back, legs and chest, doing no more than 3-4 exercises per training session. It should last no more than 60 minutes.
Eat as often as possible. Stock up on natural products for the whole day and consume them in large quantities 5-6 times. Eat every 3-3. 5 hours. During this time the food has time to digest and to supply muscle nutrients. In this mode you will create the anabolic effect which will push the muscles to increase.

Add to your diet quality sports nutrition. It is impossible to quickly gain weight in the gym, not eating protein and weight gainers. You don't do it with conventional products because they do not have in abundance, everything the body needs for growth. Gain protein and weight gainer one of the popular Western producers and eat them during the day, before and after a workout, stirring in the milk. The result will not keep itself waiting long, and you will gain muscle mass without chemicals!