The registration of the lease contract, usually accompanied by a number of technical and legal issues. Quite often there are disputes. To avoid this, it is necessary to know many nuances.To start bidding on the sale of lease rights of the land. The one who names the highest price for the lease, acquires the right to conclude a contract.
If in this area there is the capital structure, then the owner may rent the land under it without bidding for the term from 25 till 49 years. In the absence thereof, the lease is for a shorter period - up to a maximum of five years. Land bordering on the lands of common use, also can be transferred to the leasethe term of which is not more than one year.
The registration of the land plot to rent, whether long term or short term rental, has a defined order. You will have to circumvent many instances. In this case, it is best to resort to using a lawyer working in this area. Today many firms spetsializiruyutsya on the issues related to the rent of land. For example, the assistance of such company you will be just necessary at the moment of decision the question of consent to this transaction from the Department of land resources.
It is important to know that all changes that occurred after signing the contract on rent of the land, require the conclusion of a supplementary agreement to the basic contract. And in some cases, the required boundary plan.
Generally, in deciding on the lease of land a lot of different subtleties. Even if you are well grounded in theory, without expert knowledge you can not do.