Request the interested user to add it to the category of friends. Automatically you will be taken to his subscribers. In case of confirmation of the application you must click on the "Add to friends". For you again will have access to all previously opened data user. With a subscription, your friend won't know what has been deleted from the "friends" (assuming that he wasn't in network at the moment).
To restore contact with the user in the ICQ program, please submit a request to the authorization network and the authorization for adding the name of the user in your contact list. To do this, find a person by ICQ number or other data and offer him to be friends. When you add a contact there is a bilateral authorization: the user gives permission to add you as a friend, and he puts the interlocutor in a tape of friends.
In memory of your e-mail make data an accidentally deleted user (see history). Just write the email address or name of the person. Confirm to create a new contact by clicking "OK".
If you accidentally delete all contacts, to restore make a series of concrete actions. Download a global directory and run system restore from a backup that contains the deleted user. Turn off the network card and restart the directory as usual.
Create the contents of memory to the operating system, including user names differ. Do this by using the ldifde command, which will allow you to enter user groups and from other existing domains. To generate this file, use the groupadd utility.
Load in the external domain controller, restart it in normal mode. As a result of these actions, the user directory will be restored.