Delete a contact

A list of contacts in Skype, which is in the left side of the program window is a complete list of the people with whom the user exchanged personal information. However, in the process of intensive communication for work or personal issues this list may sometimes be so considerable size, which find that person, which is really needed at the moment can be quite difficult. In this case, the user can clean the list by removing from it those interlocutors with whom is not planning to communicate.

In addition, deletion of contacts can happen by accident: it takes only two consecutive key presses of the mouse, which can make the child or other user, accidentally opened your Skype window. In all these and similar cases the question arises about the possibility to restore a deleted contact.

Recovery contact

Special tool, designed to restore a contact in Skype is not provided. However, the program for some time by storing information exchanged between users during communication. This can be used to restore the desired contact.

To do this, you need to the top menu and choose the tab "View" and then in the drop down menu click on the string "Last". This will cause the appearance in the left part of the window, which usually displayed the full list of contacts, list of contacts with whom you interacted in the last week. To get this list and in other ways. One of them is to press Alt and 1. Another way - select the tab "Latest", which is displayed next to the default "Contacts" tab. For the convenience of the users tab is "Recent" with a graphic identifier symbol hours.

If the last time you talked with someone, the contact with whom you want to restore, over a week ago, to expand the list by clicking on the link "Show older posts" located below the list of recent contacts. After finding the desired contact, click on it with the left mouse button. The result in the main window will appear stating "the User is not included in your list of contacts. Add to contact list". Thus the last sentence of this label is a link, clicking on which will cause inclusion in the list of your contacts.