Open the front page of social network Facebook in your browser. Click on the link "unable to login" in the upper right corner. The system will prompt you to enter your name or email address, and phone number linked to the page to identify you. If you cannot remember this information, select "I can't identify my account". You will see options for further action, for example, obtaining the help of friends, search personal data by brute force, checking all incoming electronic active boxes, etc.
Putting personal information, confirm the authenticity of the person and page. To do this, you will be prompted to answer the security question you provided during registration in the social network. The questions are usually simple, and if you want to really restore access to your account, you can quickly reply. For example, you may be asked to identify friends they made photos. Also popular questions is to specify your date of birth, first pet, best friend's name, home phone number, etc.
After successful completion of the procedure of identification will review some brief instructions about how to prevent the loss of access to your account in the future. In particular, set well clear to you, but at the same time not too simple passwords. Be sure to bind to the account, active mobile number and e-mail, and also note the address of your social networking profile. If you have any further questions, or you are the victim of account hacking and are unable to access it using the standard recovery procedures, you can at any time to contact the website via the link at the bottom of the page at almost every stage of recovery.