Make sure that the logon was performed with an account that has local administrator. Then call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Open the link to "Standard" and run the application "Windows Explorer". Go
drivename:\Documents and Settings
and look for a folder with the name of your account. Save the files with a user profile in a safe place.
Go to "All programs" and open the link "Standard". Expand system tools and run the utility wizard to restore the system. Miss the first window of the wizard, clicking "Next", and select the desired recovery point in a new dialog box. Confirm your choice by pressing the "Next" button, and wait until the process is complete. Restart the computer and try to login with the original account.
If you need a custom profile was not restored, undo the last system restore, and expand the link "control Panel" in the main menu. Select the link "user Accounts" and click "Create new account". Type the desired name for the new user in the appropriate field of the opened dialog box and save the change by pressing the "Next" button. Apply the check box in the row of "Administrator" under "account Type" in the next dialog and confirm the selected actions by clicking the button "Create account".
Again, return to the main menu "start" and select "shutdown". Confirm the selected actions by clicking the button "logout" and log in again with the account you created. Then again close your current session and log on with a user account that has local administrator.
Open the context menu for "My computer" click right mouse button and select "Properties". Select the "Advanced" tab in the dialog box, and click "settings" under "user Profiles". Select the source account and click "copy to folder". Specify the path to the created new account in a new dialog box by clicking the "Browse" button, and confirm the selected action by pressing "Yes" in the window of the query system. Log off and log in with new account. Settings corrupted user profile will be restored.