Try to unlock the account via a server of the respective website. However, you should know information about your account, namely: the address of the e-mail and login. In addition, you need to have an additional address to mail you provided when you registered. In this case, your e-mail will send a notification with a different pass word. But if the profile is blocked by the administration of the web resource, this method will not help. You will have to apply personally to the administrator of the web site.
Look at the web portal of your contacts (email, ICQ number and phone number), which you can contact customer support. Provide the following information: nickname, date of registration, email.
Explain to the administrator and the reason for blocking the account. If you don't know what happened, when communicating, consider this. Perhaps your accounting entry blocked due to some violation of the rules of the website, the situation will be complicated. In the dialogue, be courteous and very correct. Do not speak sharply to the administration. Tell them that this won't happen again. As a rule, in such cases, you will be able to access the account.
Try to unlock your profile as a result of failed attempts when logging in to the web resource. Some services block the account due to an invalid authorization. Try to use the password recovery. Make a note of the code word, and then confirm the transaction via text message. In certain cases it is necessary to call support of the web resource.
Please note that the account may be blocked by the virus. On the monitor there is a banner that informs about the payment to number monetary amount. Ignore such notifications are just tricks of swindlers. Download antivirus program and remove malicious item.