You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
If you want to restore your profile on any Dating site, such as LovePlanet, please note which option you chose when deleting the questionnaire. If you were elected its "freezing", it means that the questionnaire can be restored. To do this, log in (i.e. enter your username and password) and your profile will open with the saved photos, comments and correspondence.
If you deleted the profile under "account Settings" forever, remember that to restore it. It is reported and the user of the site, highlighting in red the warning.
Try to contact the customer service of the website LovePlanet to restore your profile, in the case of its complete removal, but it does not guarantee that it will be restored (especially if much time has passed since its removal).
If you removed your personal data in a social network "In contact", you can restore the questionnaire before the specified date and time by simply clicking on the link "Restore your page" and entering a username and password. After the expiration of this time (for reflection is given, as a rule, not less than six months), you will not be able to recover the deleted data.
If you want to try to recover the deleted profile "Classmates", contact technical support. However, this does not guarantee a solution to the problem, but there's no other way. Options like "temporary" in this social network there. Sometimes it is easier to fill out a new questionnaire.
In a network "My world" the restoration of the questionnaire is only possible within 48 hours after its removal. If during this time you won't change your mind and not release it, all your data will be deleted permanently and you will not be able to return them. But if during this time (48 hours) you will change your mind, click "Cancel deletion of the world" and your profile will load again without problems.