When submitting a request for adding friends to the user of interest to us in social networks, for example, "Vkontakte" or Facebook, we will automatically fall to his subscribers. If considered necessary, he will confirm the request.
To return the remote friend on these sites just due to the subscription, the user won't even know it was removed from friends, on the condition that he was not online at that moment. Simply click on the "add to friends", and people will once again be in the list of your friends. Again, you have all the data the user has opened for you earlier.
In the contact lists of managers of online communication, such as ICQ and QIP, when added to the bilateral friends is login: that is, the user should allow adding friends and myself to add someone in my friends page. In this case, to interrupt the communication two ways: to remove your details from the list a specific person or to erase from your contact list of the former interlocutor.
If you need to resume communication with the user in ICQ and QIP you will have to submit the authorization request to request permission of a man to add his name to your contacts list. This is the first time, you will need to find a user for his data (the number of ICQ or other) and knock on his friends.
Postal services mutual friend does not exist. If you accidentally delete a user from your email address book — do not worry. Just remember its data (or view them in the history) and re-enter them in your mailbox. As a minimum, information sufficient to enter the email address of the person and the name of the addressee. And you can write your name or the name of a person, and my friends call me. Click "OK" when finished creating a new contact and the user is again stored in your list.