You will need
  • - PC with Windows operating system and Internet access;
  • Skype;
  • utility Handy Recovery.
Copy Skype history files are your contacts stored in their computers and are duplicated for both contacts. If when you reinstall or move to another version, preserved the logs of the program, go to the control panel of your computer. Click on the icon "folder options", in the opened window select "View" and activate the menu item "Show hidden files".
Open the local disk directory to the Application Data folder and activate with Skype name. Copy the logs previously used version in the directory the same user but already new program. Start Skype and select source in the left part of the window.
Install in settings display all messages for the previous time period, if such option has not been previously activated. Read the history of calls and messages. If you manually removed the log file, check its presence in the basket. Not finding there the desired file, try to restore it by using specialized utility, using the services of the program Handy Recovery.
Run the utility Handy Recovery and perform the analysis of the disk. After its completion, adjust the filter parameters and click the search deleted files. Similar manipulations with the restoration of certain information will be effective only if informed, during the reinstallation of the operating system on your computer have not performed a full format of the hard drive.
If you find the deleted information the desired file, restore it using Handy Recovery. Activate the corresponding option in the top menu. Then on your hard drive click on the folder called Recovered Files and copy the log file in the user directory Skype.