You will need
  • Computer, Internet, Skype.
If for any reason you need to read the archive messages of the client program Skype, you can do this, simply run the application on your computer. To open Skype, you need to hover the cursor over the program icon on the desktop, and then click the left mouse button on it twice. After some time a window will appear in the program. If you did not set the parameters for automatic login, you'll need to enter in the appropriate fields your Skype username and password to access your account. After the program is loaded and ready for work, you can watch the archive of messagesby following a few simple steps for this.
It should be noted that the program provides the user the ability to view past messages with someone only over the last thirty days. The whole story, which goes beyond this period, the default being application. To view history with a particular person from the General list contacts, you have to find a nickname for this user in your contact list.
Once the desired user is found, click on his nick with the left button of the mouse. To the right of the open window of Skype, you will be able to see previous messages. Please note on the line above form to send text. Here you can see the conversation history for yesterday, last week or last month. It should be noted the fact that there is also an alternative way to view the filesand messages to the user. It may be done in the following way.
Finding in the list of contacts a person of your interest, click on its name with the right mouse button. You will see a window where you will see a number of different teams. Hover your mouse over the item "View old messages", and then specify the desired period (day, week, or month).