You will need
  • - access to a computer and program.
Start the Skype program on your computer, enter your username and password and wait for download of personal settings in the system. Open the menu "Tools" via the top panel, go to security settings select "Clear chat history". Apply and save the changes.
In order to turn on your computer the record of the conversations and chats in the Skype app, open settings and go to chat and SMS-messages select the option "do Not save history". Apply and save the changes.
If your version of Skype does not support this option delete call history, use the removal manually. Since all frequent and records about calls in Skype is written to the hard disk as a file, you only need to find it on your computer.
To do this, enable the viewing of hidden system elements in the appearance settings folder from the appropriate menu of the control panel. There is, in addition to enable the display of hidden files and folders uncheck the option "Hide extensions for known file types". Apply and save the changes.
Click on "My computer" and go to your local disk. Select the folder “Documents And Settings”, then go to the directory owned by the administrator of the computer. In the “Application Data” navigate to the Skype program directory, then delete the file with the extension .dbb folder with your nickname.
Then close the Explorer and open the Skype program (it must be closed while deleting the files manually), select login to your account and check deleted call history and messages. If you did everything correctly, the history will be erased. This option is relevant for users of the latest versions.