Advice 1: How to recover Skype

Automatic authorization when you run Skype can serve you good service as long as you will need to log in to Skype on another computer or after reinstalling the system. If you find that you can't remember the username or password Skype, don't worry: recover Skype easy.
To restore Skype is easy, even if you do not remember login and password
If you have forgotten your password-Skype, the easiest way to recover it using your email address, which was registered in the account.
When the program is run Skype in the authorization window enter your login and click on the link "Forgot password?" located next to the password. On the password recovery page Skype enter email address, then the address will receive an email with a temporary code and the ability to instantly recover a password. The same actions you can perform when you log in to your personal account on the official website of Skype.
Please note that the use of time code within 6 hours. After 6 hours, the code will become invalid.
If you don't remember neither password nor e-mail address, then click on the link "can't remember the email address.mail?", available in the login window of Skype, or when you login to your personal account on the official website of Skype.
Enter the following data:

1) your username;

2) estimated data for any of the transactions on Skype for the last 6 months (name and surname, country and order number or credit card used for payment).

This option will work, if you have had a transaction in Skype for the last 6 months.
If you can't remember your username, please click on the link "What's my Skype name?". Link available in the login window of Skype, or when you login to your personal account on the official website of Skype. To restore login this method you need to specify the email address that is registered to a Skype account.

If you remember neither the username nor the email address, to identify you and to retrieve information automatically using Skype impossible. However, there is a solution: speak to your friends who have you added to your contacts Skype. You can also do a "search contacts" and search your contact by name or phone number. After you recover your username thus, to recover your password go back to the previous steps.
To restore Skype is possible in the following situations:
1) do you remember the username and email address, which is registered in the Skype, but don't remember the password.
2) do you remember the username, remember the password and email address, but you still have data for any of the transactions on Skype for the last 6 months;
3) you don't remember the username and password, but remember the email address that is registered to Skype.

Advice 2 : How to restore your message history in Skype

When you reinstall the program or delete message histories in Skype manually there are several options for its restoration. Especially if you previously did not reinstall the operating system with full formatting.
How to restore your message history in Skype
To recover a deleted message history from Skype to use the copying history files from the computers of your interlocutors, because it is duplicated for both contacts.
In case you re-installed the Skype program on your computer, replacing it with another version, copy the logs from the directory previously used the program, if any have survived. Usually they are in a folder with the user name of Skype in the Application Data folder on a local drive. To search the log files, turn on show hidden items in folder. This section of the settings available in the menu of the control panel of your computer.
Copying the log file, place it in the directory the user has a new program, it should be turned off for all Windows users. After copying run the program in the left part by selecting a source. In settings, select the display messages for the previous period of time, if you haven't done so already. Read the history of messages and calls.
If you previously deleted the log file with the message history manually check it in the basket. If it was deleted from there, use utilities recovery, for example, Handy Recovery.
Run a disk analysis on a running program. After that go to search deleted data, set appropriate filter parameters. Recovery is possible only if you performed a full format of the hard disk when reinstalling the operating system.
If you find the needed file, restore it using the appropriate command in the top menu. After that open the folder Recovered Files on the hard disk and copy the log to a folder of Skype user.
Useful advice
Save the logs.

Advice 3 : How to recover history in Skype

Do not despair, if there is a remote history of messages in Skype were lost important information for you. There are several effective options for its recovery.
How to recover history in Skype
You will need
  • - PC with Windows operating system and Internet access;
  • Skype;
  • utility Handy Recovery.
Copy Skype history files are your contacts stored in their computers and are duplicated for both contacts. If when you reinstall or move to another version, preserved the logs of the program, go to the control panel of your computer. Click on the icon "folder options", in the opened window select "View" and activate the menu item "Show hidden files".
Open the local disk directory to the Application Data folder and activate with Skype name. Copy the logs previously used version in the directory the same user but already new program. Start Skype and select source in the left part of the window.
Install in settings display all messages for the previous time period, if such option has not been previously activated. Read the history of calls and messages. If you manually removed the log file, check its presence in the basket. Not finding there the desired file, try to restore it by using specialized utility, using the services of the program Handy Recovery.
Run the utility Handy Recovery and perform the analysis of the disk. After its completion, adjust the filter parameters and click the search deleted files. Similar manipulations with the restoration of certain information will be effective only if informed, during the reinstallation of the operating system on your computer have not performed a full format of the hard drive.
If you find the deleted information the desired file, restore it using Handy Recovery. Activate the corresponding option in the top menu. Then on your hard drive click on the folder called Recovered Files and copy the log file in the user directory Skype.
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