Advice 1: How to recover archive messages in Agent

If you lose the entire archive of correspondence, most programs for messaging offers different options, one of which is backup files. In the "Agent" it has its own recovery system.
How to recover archive messages in Agent
You will need
  • Software Agent
First of all, you need to run the program for instant messaging between users of the network To do this, double-click the icon of the logo of the program on the desktop. It can also be run via the start menu ("All programs").
To view archive messages to a specific contact from your list you need to open the list, right-click the contact and select the same option. If viewing the desired message failed, it is recommended to try method restore files via email to Since this feature became available relatively recently, some messages may not be displayed.
Most of these programs saves all changes to the messages archive on your hard drive. In "Agent" also there is this function that saves data in hidden files. To view these files, you must activate the option to show hidden and system files. To do this, open any window "Windows Explorer", click the top menu "Tools" and select "folder options". In the window that opens click the View tab and check the box for "Show hidden files and folders".
Now navigate to the folder that contains hidden files with files messages contacts. Open the document with any text editor such as "Notepad" or "Wordpad". By default, the data files are located in the account folder or the Application Data directory in the same custom folder.
To save the archive files of correspondence in another directory you should click the top menu "File" and select "Save as" (in plain text editor). In the file save dialog box to specify the name and future location. Then click the "Save" button or press the Enter key.

Advice 2: 3 ways to regain access to the mail

Today, email plays an important role in human life. Loss code (password) access to your email for many can be a tragedy, because the data stored on the box, can have great value. That is why restoring access to email is a priority for many people.
3 ways to regain access to the mail
To restore access to email start with the standard method, which is the most simple and straightforward. To begin with we note that to restore access to email, you can use go to the link "Remind password" which is located bottom left, click on it and go to the recovery page access. After going to the recovery page access to email, the system will send "password recovery" on the phone number that was tied to the box. But first you need to confirm that you are a real user and not a robot. To do this, enter the code in the picture into the box and press "Get code by SMS". Next, a window opens "Enter code" and enter in the field "confirmation Code" that came on the phone number via SMS. Then create a new password, confirm it and click "Log in".
To restore the mails using the second method, you will need to remember certain details from the life of the email. It so happens that the access to recovery email block the lost phone number that was associated with the drawer. That is why you will have to use another system recovery. First you need to go back to the beginning. Follow the link "Remind password" and you can see in the lower right corner, underlined with a dotted line "I Have no access to a telephone", press and follow the link. Now you need to fill in all the fields that are available on this page, and click submit. Then waiting for a response from support.
In the case where all the ways are not suitable, just use another email and directly to write a letter in support of company with a request to restore access to specific e-mail and explain that all the ways to restore the access is not suitable.
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