You will need
  • computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
To restore history messages from ICQ, download from the Internet program icq2html and install it on your computer. Using the program menu you will be able to return your correspondence, even if it was removed intentionally. If history is lost, for example, when changing a username, you can search it on your computer. To do this, locate the disk With the folder ICQ. It should be a folder called History, which usually kept all correspondence with your contacts from ICQ.
If you need to return correspondence Vkontakte, go to your profile, which was used for correspondence. Download "Messages". At the bottom of the page, find the item "Help" and write an email to the technical support that you need to recover very important messages. Soon you will receive a reply about the possibility of their recovery. If you have enabled notification via E-mail, you can look for the correspondence on the box. However, you are not "clean" your box, here you will find the desired message.
Find history of messages from Skype you can on the C drive. Locate the folder of Skype (in Windows XP it is in Documents and Settings folder). Correspondence with your contacts is stored in a folder with your account name on Skype. To speed up the search for Skype, click start, then "Run...". In the blank row, enter the new command "%Appdata%Skype" and click OK. Select your account and search for the correspondence.
To return to the history you can from the mail agent. Run Agent, and select the desired contact. Click on the "Archive messages" and find the important letter for you. It is in the archive indicates the date and time of sending messages. If you have customized program to send alerts about new messages by E-mail, look for correspondence in the box. Again, this is only possible if you not deleted from the mailbox these alerts.