If you forgot the password to Skypeand then the simplest way to restore account access is a request to change the password via a special form on the website.
First and foremost, connect your Internet and open Skype, click on the program shortcut on your desktop, then click on the link "Forgot password?".
After go to the website of Skype, immediately leave your e-mail address you used during registration and click "Send". Then check your Inbox. After a while you should get an email from Skype with the information about changing the password with a temporary code.
Please note that this e-mail may be considered spam by different mail systems and programs, so if you don't see the emails in the Inbox, then be sure to check the "Spam" folder. Carefully read its contents.
Then click on "time code" to re-enter the website Skype. If this link does not work, try go to "Enter code manually" and enter it manually. To change your password. In order to come up with a good password, pick a word in the Russian language and write it in English layout, then you will be much easier to remember.
After that you will open the Windows for entering a new password. Enter it in the box "New password" and then retype the new password in "Repeat password". Next, click on the "Change password" and "Login on Skype".
If you have multiple logins and then select from the list the one to which you have forgotten the password. If the login one, then it will be chosen, and you will only need to enter a new password.
If you can't remember your login, then click on the link "What is my login Skype?". It will be available in the login window Skypeand or when you sign in to your personal account.