Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "control Panel". Open the link "add or remove programs" and select the installed version of Skype. Remove it. After this, download and install on your computer an older version of the program from the Internet. The Skype developers recommend such a method.
Another way to return to an older version of Skype app may serve as a replacement of some program files. To carry out this operation, find and download it to the computer the desired distribution version of the program. Unzip the downloaded archive to any convenient directory and find in it three folders with names:

- Phone;
- Plugin Manager.
- Toolbars.
Return to the main menu start and click All programs. Open the link to "Standard" and run the application, Windows Explorer". Navigate to drive:\Program Files\Skype and open the Skype program folder. Locate a folder with the same name. Remove from the root folder of the application folder Skype Plugin Manager and Toolbars. Expand the folder named Phone double click and delete only the stored file.
Move the downloaded folder Plugin Manager and Toolbars in the root folder of Skype. Open the Phone folder and make a copy in the file. Move it to the Phone folder in the root folder of Skype and save the changes.
Quit the Skype app and remove the shortcut. Go back to the Phone folder and open the context menu of the file by right-clicking the mouse. Enter the command "Create shortcut" and drag the created program icon for Skype on your desktop computer.
Please note that all the above steps are required because of the impossibility of deleting the folder Phone which is observed in some cases. Restart Skype to apply the changes.