You will need
  • Software SkypeLogView.
To view the messages using the program and manually since the location of these files is set by the user. Default credentials are in the folder C:Documents and Settings\_папка_пользователя_Application DataSkype\nazvaniyami (for Windows XP) and C:Users\_папка_пользователя_AppDataSkype\_название_учетной_записи (for Windows Vista and Seven).
If you don't quite understand how to navigate the directories of the hard disk, it is recommended to use the following method. Click "start menu" and open the applet Run. In the empty box type %APPDATA%Skype and click OK or press Enter.
Another method of extracting the desired information is to use the free SkypeLogView utility. To download, click the following link The big plus of this program is to not only read private messages, but exporting them into documents in almost any text format (text, html, csv and xml).
After extracting the contents of the archive, run the. exe file. In the open window click the top menu "File" and select "Choose folder with logs". Then specify the path to your profile on your hard drive.
To configure the exported formats need to refer to the menu "Settings" and choose the data you prefer to save. Then select the line, press the right mouse button and select the Save Selected Items or press Ctrl + S. Enter a file name and click Save.
Now you have to find the file on your hard disk and view the history of correspondence in a more convenient form.