In Novosibirsk is one of the largest zoos in the world. His visit will give joy to not only children but also adults. Here you can see the more than six hundred species of animals, more than 11 thousand individuals. In addition, the zoo has a permanent terrarium, hall of the underwater world and the night, Swan lake.The zoo is located on the territory of 60 hectares, so you can spend the whole day. And for children the real freedom, as there is a wide range of attractions from rowing on a primitive Canoeing to riding on a carousel. Also kids will be able to ride most of this children's railway.Theatrical art lovers can visit the country's largest theatre of Opera and ballet, the stage of which even more than in the world famous Big. Also, the city has 6 7 drama and musical theatres in which to watch a play, depending on your preference.Cultural program will continue at the Museum, especially because in the cultural capital of Siberia a lot of them. Each of them is interesting in its own way. But in Novosibirsk there is unusual. For example, in the Sun Museum has collected more than four hundred exhibits on sweatily. Shown here is the image of solar gods of ancient civilizations and the Sun, the most interesting and unique exhibits, dedicated to the traditions of India and Nepal associated with the sun.Another unique Museum is happiness. In his exhibition presents a variety of characters: amulets, talismans, charms, even "happy tickets".Art lovers can enjoy the creations of famous artists in one of the largest art galleries in the country. Central place in it is given to the Roerich paintings.If you're in Novosibirsk in the summer, then in the evening go to enjoy the musical fountains. It was in the evening because the afternoon is the most common fountains, which many in Russian cities. However, when it begins to get dark, starts colorful light and music show. This floating fountain on the embankment of the river Ob and the globe theatre.