Independently to stop the use of hormonal pills in any case it is impossible, even if it is relatively harmless contraceptives. Be sure to make an appointment with your physician if you do not want a sharp deterioration of his health. The expert knows what schemes for reduction and discontinuation of hormonal medications exist them properly you will paint.
If you take birth control after a seven-day break, the cessation of their use undesirable. Take your pills until the end of the month, or perhaps uterine bleeding. After you finish the last pill from the package, wait for menses and then go on reception to the gynecologist. He will inspect the condition of the genital organs and mammary glands and, if necessary, can advise on other means of protection from unwanted pregnancy. By the way, keep in mind that the cessation of use of the pill in most cases in the first three months leads to a pregnancy.
If you used hormonal agents for treatment of endocrine, skin and other diseases, prepare for the fact that the period of withdrawal from them can last two months, and in some cases more. Apply the scheme designed for you by a doctor. Take care of the drug or other treatment methods that may eventually replace the use of hormonal pills. In the process of reducing the intake of such medication advisable a Spa treatment.
During the period of phasing out of hormonal pills pay special attention to the gastro-intestinal tract. Try at this time do not overload it with food. Take care about good, quality food. Limit the consumption of any foods that may cause an allergic reaction in your body. Alcoholic beverages eliminate from your diet in General.
If possible, try to eliminate such factors that cause hormonal disruptions like lack of sleep, exhaustion and stress. If necessary, consult your doctor and enjoy a light sedative as Valerian or motherwort.
Try to rest more and get more fresh air. Moderate exercise also contribute to the stabilization of the health status of all internal organs and body systems.