Before you stop drinking contraceptives, visit your gynecologist. The doctor will examine the state of the mammary glands and genitals. Will also advise other measures of contraception if that is necessary.
If you were assigned oral contraceptives to correct hormonal levels, stop taking pills only after blood tests for levels of hormones. This question should be decided only by your treating physician. You can't cancel a drug without first checking with a specialist - this may harm your health.
It is undesirable to stop the use of contraceptives, if you started to drink them after a seven-day break. Take your pills until the end of the month, otherwise there may be uterine bleeding. And sudden hormonal drop is not going to benefit your health.
After you take the last tablet from packing in a few days you will begin menstruating. Never take any pills. Some special way to stop taking birth control there is, so as not to develop dependence on this drug.
Don't forget that after the hormonal means pregnancy can occur in the first month. It is advisable to avoid it for about 3 months, your body needs to bounce back. To prevent conception, use barrier method of contraception.
If you are in the middle of the cycle began uterine bleeding, climbed high blood pressure or you suddenly became very bad, stop taking the tablets and seek medical advice. In this case, no need to drink the entire standard to the end as possible and more serious consequences, especially if you start taking the drug without prescription gynecologist.