You will need
    • For vanilla whipped cream:
    • — 250 ml of cream;
    • — 3 tbsp of sugar;
    • — 1 tsp of vanilla.
    • For the whipped cream with gelatin:
    • — 250 ml of whipping cream;
    • — 2 tbsp powdered sugar;
    • — 1-2 g of gelatin.
    • For the custard with whipped cream:
    • — 100 ml whipped cream;
    • — 500 ml of milk;
    • — 250 g of sugar;
    • — 3 eggs;
    • — 70 g of wheat flour;
    • — 50 g of butter.
Vanilla custard cream, Leave the cream in the refrigerator at a low temperature for a day to zagustel. For the cream, use the cream is high, not less than 30% of fat. The pan in which you will whip the cream, pre-chill. Sugar grind in a coffee grinder in the powdered sugar.
Pour the well chilled cream into a pan and place it in a bowl of ice water. Beat cream with a mixer. The first 2-3 minutes mix a lot at a slow speed and then gradually increase the speed. Whisk the cream until fluffy dense foam. In the end, they should increase in volume by 1.5-2 times.
Pour a thin stream powdered sugar and vanilla, continuing whisking. Instead of vanilla you can use vanilla sugar. Keep the cream started to bleed and turned into oil. At will cream, you can add fresh berries, chopped nuts, grated chocolate.
Cream of whipped cream with relationate gelatin in boiling water. Connect it to a 1 to 10 ratio with cream. Leave on for 1.5-2 hours for swelling. A bowl of gelatin-a creamy mass is put in a water bath. Heat to dissolve gelatin, stirring constantly. Then add the remaining chilled cream, icing sugar and whisk in the lush foam. The gelatin makes the whipped cream more sturdy.
Custard with whipped'll livemixtapes butter in a pan and saute the flour for 1-2 minutes. Milk heat. Spread egg white 200 g granulated sugar. Pour in the eggs to the hot milk, stirring intensively.
Combine the egg-milk mass with flour. Put on low heat, bring to a boil and while stirring, cook for another 5 minutes. Wipe weight through a sieve and cool. Connect the cream with sugar and whisk into a thick foam. Gently mix the custard with whipped cream.