If you have time

A number of delicious recipes using strawberries and dairy products are many. One of the most exquisite and the air is strawberry and cream mousse. For its preparation you need a couple of cups of washed strawberries without stalks to grind along with 300 g sugar in a blender (or small food processor).

Separate 3 cups of heavy cream beat until thick state. And in another separate container beat the whites of three eggs with three hundred grams of sugar. Then mix first cream and strawberries, and then add the whites. Received pink and fragrant mousse sort kremanku and before serving put it in the refrigerator.

For lovers of sweet and rich desserts, there is the option of adding condensed milk and bananas. For this treat you need in a blender to make banana-strawberry puree (number eye). Separately whip 2 cups of cream with half of the banks boiled condensed milk. The longer it is whipped, the lighter the dessert. After it remains only in cups or glasses layers to lay out mashed potatoes and cream since cream. On top you pour syrup and sprinkle with vanilla powder or pour a few drops of cherry liqueur.

More difficult to prepare is a traditional Spanish dessert. It requires:

- 350-400 g ripe strawberries;
- 150 ml cream with fat content of over 25%;
- 4 tablespoons of white sugar;
- 4 plates of gelatin.

Gelatin soaked in cold water for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, the washed and dried strawberries without branches are sent to the blender. And the resulting slurry still grind through a fine sieve to seeds separated. By the way, a few berries need to be left intact: for decoration. As long as the portions.

Then soaked gelatin to add to boiling water (approximately 4 tablespoons). Stir until dissolved, and then pour the mixture into the mashed strawberries. After you need to whip the cream with the sugar and gently combine them with strawberry mass. Now the next dessert poured into kremanku or cups (best suited silicone for cupcakes) and send in the refrigerator for 4 hours, until fully cured. When serving, shape flip. And this kind of jelly is decorated with halves of remaining berries and mint leaves. You can also add a mound of whipped cream.

For the lazy

To enjoy the taste of strawberries and cream, it is not necessary to invent extravagances and waste time in the kitchen. In haste to whisk powder cream-five minutes for the cake along with the usual milk or cream and mix with berries. For fans of restaurant supply there are canisters of whipped cream, a slide which can be decorated with fresh large berries in any pleasing to the eye dishes. And to add to the originality of the taste and the grated chocolate, and toppings, and even lemon zest. Importantly, the inspiration combined with the ability to get pleasure from the prepared dessert.