You will need
    • sugar;
    • water;
    • pan;
    • gas or electric stove.
Pour water into a saucepan, pour there sugar. Mix sugar water with a spoon and place the pot on a high heat so that it is heated only from one side. When heated on the other side, there will be a foam, which from time to time you want to remove.
Once the foam has ended, place the pot so that it is heated evenly, the fire did not lessen. You can once again stir the syrup. Now you need to bring the ratio of water and sugar to desired in your order — it will be different depending on, you are going to make impregnation for cake, frosting or homemade caramel.
The first test (the ratio of water and sugar 50-50%) does not requires to bring the syrup to a boil, just to dissolve in water the desired amount of sugar. It is determined in the following way: if you take a drop of cooled syrup on your fingers and slightly rubbed them against each other, they will become sticky.
The second sample (75% sugar and 25% water) is reached when a drop of syrupbetween your fingers, not just sticks, but drawn out in a thin thread when you pinch. You can also drop a spoonful of syrup on a cold plate, slightly press it with a spoon and lift ee top — it also pulled a thin thread.
Third trial (85% sugar and 15% water). Also checked and only caramel the string needs to be thick.
Fourth sample. The syrup is quite thick, there were only 10% water. To verify this, we need to scoop up a little with a spoon and drop it into a glass of cold water. If everything is correct, from the resulting mass you will be able to sculpt a soft ball.
The fifth sample. Also checked, like the fourth, only the ball will get hard.
The sixth sample of the water was only 2%. At this stage, the syrup will turn into caramel and roll the ball to not succeed — ground will break in your hands will no longer be sticky and will start to crumble to pieces when raskusyvanii.
If further cooking weight first turn yellow, then turn black and start to secrete the suffocating smoke. If at this stage in her water and quickly stir — you'll get burnt sugar, cough medicine.