Syrup liqueurom


- water - 125 ml (0.5 cups);
liqueur - 30 ml (2 tablespoons);
sugar 185 ml (0.75 cups).

Sugar need to pour in pre-boiled water and put them on the fire. The liquid should be stirred, so that the sand dissolved. After impregnation, the future will boil, it is necessary to add the liqueur.

Too thick the syrup will be distributed in the cake unevenly and liquid mixture pastries in General can fall apart. It is therefore necessary to monitor the consistency of impregnation during cooking.

The syrup to be poured over the cake gradually, evenly distributing over the entire surface of the cake. Cakes should soak for one hour at room temperature.

Chocolate syrup


- chocolate - 200 grams;
- the yolks of eggs - 4 pieces;
cream - 300 ml;
- water - 1 tablespoon;
- sugar - 1 tablespoon.

The yolks, previously separated from the whites, whip with a beater or mixer. The sugar must be diluted in water, then it should be put on fire and bring to boil. In the syrup to pour the egg yolks and beat well.

The chocolate should be melted in a water bath and add it to future impregnation. The resulting mass should be thoroughly mixed. You then add the syrup to the cream, previously whipped with a whisk. Then you need to give the chocolate to cool impregnation.

Cognac-cherry impregnation


- water - 1 glass;
- sugar - 2 tablespoons;
- cognac - 2 tablespoons;
cherry syrup - 4 tablespoons.

Mix water, cherry syrup and cognac. The resulting liquid should be put on the fire, add sugar and bring to a boil. Next you need to cook a brandy syrup for another 3 minutes, then allow to cool.

A traditional syrup with various flavoring options


- water - 120 ml;
- sugar - 130 grams;
- juice, wine, liquor or liqueur for flavoring - 1 tablespoon.

Recipes syrup for impregnation of cakes and biscuits is quite simple. But at the expense of one ingredient can change the taste of baked goods and the aroma of her.
Syrup is better than watering freshly made cakes, otherwise they may crumble.

The sugar must be diluted in water and then boil it. After the sand is completely dissolved, remove the pan from the heat and cool the liquid to about 37 o C. Then in the syrup you want to add an ingredient to flavor.

To make the cake with the fruit filling, impregnation of the need to pour orange juice or apricot brandy. The pastry cream will be much more appetizing if for syrup, add vanilla liqueur (you can substitute 2 grams of vanilla sugar). Sponge cake suitable impregnation with the infusion coffee.