You will need
    • Sugar beet
    • pan
    • plate
Tubers purified from beet roots (without removing the skin) and washed under running water. Put the washed beets in boiling water, making the fire more to the process of boiling does not stop. Boil the tubers for about an hour, then take out the beets, cool and peel.
How to make sugar at home
Prepared beets cut into thin slices and placed in a canvas bag under the press. The juice obtained in the pressing process, are collected in an enamel bowl. In a metal container, the juice darkens and then the syrup will not turn out light.
How to make sugar at home
Wrung beets again put into the pan where it was cooked, and pour water in the ratio 1:1/2. Insist beets for approximately 30-40min. Then again press the same enamel ware. The collected juice is heated and filtered. By evaporation of the juice to get the syrup. Evaporate the juice you need in a flat enamel container, stirring constantly. Output with five pounds of beets, two pounds of syrup.
How to make sugar at home
If you need to obtain a syrup with a large content of sugar, the cooking process is a little different. Tubers beets wash and remove the skins and cook the beets for a few (or use the autoclave). In the process of cooking (steaming) to make sure that does not evaporated water. Then the tubers are also cut into small pieces and squeeze the juice. Strained through cheesecloth, the juice is evaporated to syrup.
How to make sugar at home