You will need
    • sugar;
    • water;
    • flavorings (rum
    • cognac
    • liqueur
    • fruit juice).
Pour into a small saucepan and pour water in it the sugar. Water and sugar take in equal shares. Stir the mixture and put on the stove to heat up only one side of the pan. On the opposite side to gather foam. Remove it with a slotted spoon as education.
After the separation of the foam will stop, set the pan on a high heat and boil the syrup to desired thickness. The choice depends on the consistency of the dessert you plan to prepare.
The syrup used to soak the biscuits, does not require a long cooking time – it needs to be removed from the plate immediately after the cessation of foaming. Cool ready impregnation and aromatizante her rum, brandy or liqueur, pouring one to two tablespoons of the drink in the prepared syrup. Instead of alcohol in the syrup , you can add fruit juice, aromatic essence or pinch of vanilla.
To prepare thicker mixtures cook longer. Take some hot syrupand a spoon and cool slightly before him. Index finger and thumb, take a drop of syrupand start to move quickly and push the toes. Between them should form a thin thread. This means that you prepared a syrupcontaining 75% sugar and 25% water – it is necessary for preparation of creams and some types of jam.
For lipsticks sugar and glaze using syrup samples "soft ball" with content of 90% sugar and 10 % water. To determine that it has reached the desired consistency, spoon a tea spoon a little of the mixture and dip the spoon in cold water. From the cooled mass with your fingers can be molded into the plastic ball? Then, the syrup is cooked properly.
In further cooking the sugar mixture becomes Golden brown, and roll the sample into ball has not come out. Of this syrupand make caramel decorations for cakes, candy cocks, and candy.