You will need
    • maple sugar or maple Holly,
    • drill
    • vessels for collecting the juice,
    • large flat boilers,
    • the fire
    • jars for syrup.
Select the appropriate tree. Holly is widely distributed maple in the forest zone of European Russia, reaching in the North of South Karelia, and to the East of the Urals. To collect the juice use Mature trees maples, 30 years of age and older, with a broad crown and smooth trunk; the thickness of the trunk must be more than 20 cm
To collect the SAP in the tree trunk make a hole with a diameter of 1.5 cm and a depth of 5-10 cm, then there are two options: insert to the hole of the metal corner with a hook on which to place the bucket for juice or paste the tube through which the juice will flow into a special vessel. When installing the device, note that to obtain 1 liter of syrupand need to collect 30-40 liters of juice, so it is better to organize several collection points.
Collect the juice of the maple as well as birch, best in early spring. The most favorable time is considered to be March. At this time buds swell, and the temperature is around zero. In such circumstances, the maple gives more juice, and it is especially sweet. The collection period can range from 8 to 45 days depending on weather conditions and the capabilities of the tree.
For the production of syrupand equip a place for the evaporation of the juice. For this kindle a few bonfires and put on their boilers with juice. The best place to visit near the site of collection, but at a safe distance from trees. The juice consists of 96 % water, its evaporation and obtaining the syrupand the desired concentration will require many hours. When all the water has evaporated in the boilers will remain dark viscous mass with a pleasant smell of wood. Sugar need not be added - the syrup should not contain anything except the juice of the maple. When the syrup has cooled slightly, pour it in the jars.
Maple syrup adds a sophisticated caramel taste sweets, so you can use it in the confectionery and baking industry, as a natural sugar substitute. Salads, baked meat, pickles, pies and cakes – all takes the original and discreet woody aroma, recognizable and loved by many. Also maple sugar is recommended by dieticians to use as a substitute for white because of its lower caloric content.