You will need
    • sugar;
    • pan with thick bottom.
Choose the way that will drown sugar, depending on the product that you require. In some cases you may need additional ingredients – cream, butter, water. Often this is stated in the recipe, but not always. Not to be mistaken, having met the prescription the phrase "melt the sugar", try to ask the author what he meant. If this is not possible, as a General rule, first melt the sugar without any additional ingredients. Then add orange juice (for sauce), butter or cream, water. If secretariats sugar, continue to heat it until dissolved.
Take the time to melt the sugar. The fact that this procedure requires the attention, you will have to closely monitor pot. The sugar melts rather reluctantly, and only patience and constant monitoring will allow you to obtain the result desired light brown liquid mass.
Choose utensils that will not be a pity to throw away, if you never heated the sugar. There are two kinds of kitchen utensils, which is often made caramel experienced hostess: this aluminum dishes or products with a thick bottom and non-stick coating. If the latter is the invention of modernity, with the help of aluminum cookware even your grandmother happy children homemade candies.
Pour the sugar evenly on the surface. Turn on medium heat and watch carefully as the sand begins to melt. Do not stir it, otherwise it secretariats. After a large part of the mixture will be watery, you can start a little stir it, but better to just tilt the pan from side to side to the future the caramel is not burnt. If possible, avoid these actions so you will get the most clean and clear the congestion. Once the sugar becomes liquid and Golden, turn off the heat.
Add in the saucepan the milk after I poured out the melted sugar and a little warm on the fire, to not have to scrub the walls of the pan. The milk dissolves the remains of the hardened caramel, and it, in turn, gives it a nice sweet taste. This caramel milk happily drink any child.