Just because you use your mobile phone from MegaFon, each month you will receive his gifts. So at the end of each month subscribers receive bonus points that can be spent on the free minutes of calls, SMS and MMS messages, enjoy Internet traffic or even a fashion accessory. One point is equal to 30 p. from the money which you deposited in the last month.
Before you can activate the free minutes on the program, check the number of points you have in the account. To do this, send a text message with the number 0 to the number 5010. Or dial *115 # call.
To activate the free minutes, dial 5010 and listen to the message of auto. There is another method: type in phone *105 # and a call key, then select "MegaFon-bonus", then find the tab "Activation" bonus points". If you want to activate it on your number, select the corresponding key.
Then select "Telephony". Here you will be offered different options depending on your needs calls. For example, you can choose the free packages of minutes for calls within the network or subscribers of other operators, local numbers, and also calls on Russia and the CIS. Depending on the number of points accumulated, you can choose packages of free minutes, 10, 30, 60, 120, 240 outgoing minutes. Redeem calls, selecting the most appropriate package. Free minutes will be available to the subscriber after 10-15 minutes after receiving a text message that your activation request is made.