If you believe the meaning of numerous books on the topics of how to succeed and the like, then we recommend that you first ask yourself the question – "what do I need to see through the wall?" If a person works in the MOE, and his job is to search for missing people under the rubble, or is it the fighter of special troops, which it is desirable to know the number of opponents for obscuration of the obstacle, that is one thing. But if the person who wishes to obtain the ability, some Horny teenager who wants to spy on naked girls in the locker room is a completely different case. And it is unlikely that this ability is goals example number two.
When to be accurately determined what is needed and how this need can begin to search for methods of implementation of the plan.
For starters, you can seek the assistance of modern science and technology. Currently, there are such devices as x-ray and imaging. For the purposes specified in example number one, they fit perfectly. Even the imager will be much more useful, as they will not allow to be distracted by unimportant things, because shows that behind the wall that is human or animal, the amount of data beings and their location.
If you deviate from science and go into the esoteric, it is possible to stumble on books and training courses that promise to teach "direct vision." The essence of this technique is to teach the brain to see directly, bypassing the dependence on eye. In the reports on this subject give the example of children who, for one reason or another were deprived of view, but thanks to this method, they can again move around freely and even to read. Including see what is happening in the other room, being in complete isolation
In principle, to deny this is quite difficult, as, according to scientists, the human brain uses its ability only 3% to 4% and many of the opportunities have not been studied.
To trust science, or in favour of the esoteric doctrine – the choice is yours. We, as promised, gave examples of different ways. The rest depends entirely on you.