Start the game with certain settings, typically involves the use of certain features of the game engine not affected in normal game mode. Typically, this team gives the game character invisibility, ability to walk through walls, etc.
Look on the desktop the game shortcut that you want to start with those or other parameters. Click on the icon with the right mouse button and from the opened menu, select "Properties". You will see a window that displays the properties and settings of the game shortcut. This is where you can run games with parameters.
In the window on the tab "Shortcut" (which is default), find the field to enter called "Object". Here is the path to the executable file that starts the game ("ekzeshnik"). All you need to do is insert the required parameters in the string end data object placement. Ie, for example, earlier you had written "C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftLauncher.exe" and now - "C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftLauncher.exe" + set sv_cheats 1. Then press the “Ok” button and you get a shortcut with the game that starts with the desired parameters. However, it is not always necessary to constantly start the game with the same parameters. Yes, they can change the properties for the shortcut and you can do more professionally and use the command line.
Go to start menu and select Run. If you have installed systemwindows 7, initially, such a clause may not be. Therefore, in addition to select "run" you can just press the key combination Win+R.
Type or copy the window to enter the full path to the executable file ("ekzeshnik") of your game (copy the full path from the shortcut properties). Next to the copied data, just fill the required parameters, and hit Enter (just be careful that the address of ekzeshnika was not the quotes). For the system it would mean that we should implement a single run of the program (in your case games) with described parameters.