You will need
  • - a statement about the loss (theft) of the passport;
  • - statement on the restoration of the passport;
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - military ID (for men);
  • - certificate on registration;
  • four photographs of size 35x45 mm.
Discovering the loss of the passport, try to find it in the shortest possible time. If the search failed, immediately report the loss (theft) to the police and order a new document. Remember that the delay in the report is fraught with a large fine for you.
Don't expect that someone will find your ID and want to return it to the rightful owner. Please note that passport, leaked to the fraudsters, may become a dangerous weapon in their hands. The speed you've taken independent of potential illegal actions of violators of the law.
There is a likelihood that attackers will try to use your passport for credit. Timely written statement about the loss, you provide information about the lost document in the Federal database and protect yourself from the repayment of foreign debt.
Visit the nearest police station and write a statement about the loss (theft) of passport under unknown circumstances. After the document will get a detachable slip confirming acceptance of the application. After checking on the fact of loss, which can last from two weeks to one month, you will receive a letter with the results.
A letter go to the passport office at your place of residence, and paying the state tax, submit a statement on the restoration of the document. Provide a birth certificate, certificate of residence, military ID (for men), the receipt on payment of duty and four black-and-white or color photographs of 35 to 45 mm.
Wait for a new passport within two months. Remember that at the time of inspection you can provide proof of identity. Present professionals received the passport to the police pass on acceptance of the application about the loss and get the document, you temporarily replacing a missing passport.