Taking into account Russian specifics, one employee of the personnel Department must have been 100-150 people. Get familiar with the required staff number of personnel service, and then allocate responsibilities for the groups or individual employees.
Employee or team of recruitment needs to develop the methodology of recruitment, drawing up qualification requirements for candidates and instructions for recruitment. In the function group also includes the organization of cooperation with recruitment agencies and use of other alternative sources of personnel search. The employees of the group needs to recruit, test, and selection of candidates, their prior orientation, as well as maintain a database of potential talent pool.
In functions of HR employees should enter the traditional responsibilities: personnel records management, the development of guidance material on methods and procedures of personnel management, collection of statistical information. In addition, they should develop forms of personnel management and make personnel decisions in the form of orders and instructions.
A separate direction of work of the personnel Department should be the implementation of control functions. This investigation of the performance of departments and its staff of their functions and duties regulated by the regulations on divisions and job descriptions. This area of activity include the supervision of probation measures on adaptation of new employees, conducting appraisals and career planning of staff.
Modern HR must engage in professional development of employees. This work includes the development and implementation of training programmes, planning and organization of training, training, training. This includes interaction with universities, other educational institutions and centers.
HR service must, of course, responsible for the issues of labor and wages. These include conducting market research on available systems of measurement of work, billing of contractors, development of the remuneration system, benefits and compensation, as well as its updating and correction. Officers dealing with these issues must also calculate and pay salaries, keep track of expenses for the personnel and invested in his investment.
In a separate area should also be allocated questions on labor protection, the development and implementation of measures for its assurance;- development and implementation of social programmes;- legal support of labour processes.