At the beginning of the organization's activities, determine the forms of remuneration, methods of awarding possible deductions and contributions.
Make an extract from the minutes of the meeting on rates of time-worker.
Install the form and complete the time sheet.
Fill out the card accountand the sample outfits, contracts, contacts, employment agreements, orders, etc.
Make and fill in staffing.
For each employee for admission on the basis of personnel documents get card a certificate in which write all the information on the accrued and issued wage and his personal account.
Make payroll in accordance with the regulations. In this case, note holiday, bonuses, benefits, withholding and deductions. Make a design statement, which must contain columns with the surname, name and patronymic, with personnel number, salary, rank, the amount assessed, the deductions and the amount to issue at hand.
Write a check for the amount required for the issuance of salaries to employees and give it to the Bank together with payment orders for the transfer of social payments and taxes.
Transfer into the payroll all the data from the payroll.
Sign payment and settlement statements at the head.
Write down credit and cash order to get cash from the Bank.
Within three working days give wages to workers. All given a salary that is fixed by the expendable cash order.
Funds that may remain in connection with the absence of the employee on the day of issuing salary or for any other reason, deliver to the Bank, issuing expenditure-cash warrant to the escrow account. Note that the action in the book of accounting of Deposit of wages or register of not issued wages.
Fill in the appropriate forms, approved by law, and report to the Pension Fund, social insurance Fund, tax office.
At the end of the reporting period, make the summary a payroll register, which is write a journal entry on the basis of which enter the balance of account 70 "Calculations with the personnel on payment".