Definitely, after you will be presented to its employees by the company management or head of staff, hold a General meeting with the staff. Briefly tell us about yourself and experience. In addition, it is necessary to Express the requirements which must be necessarily, it is mainly concerned with issues of discipline and responsibility. Something that everyone in the workplace needs to work in good faith means self-evident and non-negotiable.
The first time you don't have to make drastic changes and modifications. Look around and attend to business. Ask for help to his Deputy, feel free to ask clarifying questions to its employees. There is nothing wrong with that, there are certain nuances that you do not know. The desire to understand the essence of the matter does not affect your credibility, but can strengthen it.
If among your subordinates have experienced professionals, do not make attempts to compensate for the lack of their experience and professional knowledge hard, authoritarian demeanor. Make them your allies, not enemies. With flatterers and sycophants, of course, to communicate nicer, but not replace them quarrelsome professionals who have their own opinions. In that case, when you want to really make it work effectively and not comfortable existence for themselves, be respectful to them and making decisions, ask them to speak. This is especially necessary at first, not to commit follies.
Learn, to delve into all the intricacies of the Department study not only technology, but also the staff, the ties that it has developed and exists. You can then elect the most effective, authoritarian method of leadership, but this should not happen earlier than you will be confident in their abilities and knowledge. Use it for the first time, not knowing all the details, is just silly. Will laugh at you behind your back, and you are unlikely to succeed if subordinates do not believe in your competence.
Asking strictly, requiring strict observance of labor discipline you, however, should not be for their employees only commander who has no interest in the problems of the people. Make sure that you could ask for help, make relief in cases where it is necessary. Talk separately with each employee, say that counting on his experience and knowledge. This will give them the desire to work, and they will try not let you down.