A promising development plan

In essence the plan of the enterprise consists of a complex of interrelated actions, aimed at increasing profits. This goal is achieved by increasing the efficiency of all production processes and successful implementation of manufactured products.

The structure of the planning Department

In the planning Department included the entire spectrum of professionals that directly help to implement the planning function. Every enterprise organizes the work of its planning Department based on the specifics of its own production. To work the planning Department has been the most productive, it needs to be in constant data communication with other departments. Most collaboration happens in practice with accounting, specialists of budget Affairs, production Department, sales, marketing, logistics, organization of labor and wages. Members of staff must be present:

head of planning-economic Department;
- the economist on pricing;
profile economists.

The quantitative composition of the planning Department specified schedule full-time enterprise and depends on the scale of production. And the staff of the small firms of the planning Department may not be. In this case, his duties shall be performed by either the marketing Department or directly the user.


Its functions of the planning Department include:

- preparation of initial data and working materials in all sectors and services of the enterprise involved in the planning process;
- organization of work process on drawing up a specific plan approved by the Directorate;
- calculation and forecasting of techno-economic indicators on major sectors of activity;
- the formation of prices for products and cost analysis;
- development of a plan is necessary for success and direction of their Executive staff for approval;
- work on the regulatory and planning documentation (plans) and its approval for all subdivisions;
- realization of operative control over the progress of planned targets for the whole company and its divisions;
- organization of economic analysis of the financial activities;
- maintain statistical reports with reference to its economic performance;
- the formation of economic and price policy according to the established regulatory documents;
- methodical guidance of the staff of the enterprise for planning and economic analysis.